Bitcoin is on the rise and has become one of the major online currencies of the world. Welcome to Our Own Bank. A place for people to become their own banks through the bitcoin revolution. How do i start? Sign up to our website, click on the invite friends link and begin inviting people, fully explaining that they should pay $10 worth of bitcoins to the person that invited them. To avoid confusion,if you came to this website directly on the homepage.you should pay $10 worth of bitcoins to this bitcoin address 1CP1Uwmc9aLtQ5yUrKhfQjiivxxp7UXpZU   The next step is to get your referral link by clicking on the invite friends link and explain through forums,blogs,social networks,email etc that they should pay you $10 worth of bitcoins and that they should begin to invite people that will in turn pay them.

On the other hand if you came to this website through a sign up only page showing,it means someone particular has invited you. Go to the my friends link and you will see the details of that person. Include your bitcoin address when inviting people. Anyone who cheats by recruiting without paying someone first will have their accounts deleted. If you do not have a bitcoin wallet or bitcoins,you can access these on the links below this page.Let's start making money over again.                                                                                                                                                                            




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