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Our Own Fund is a unique finance relief entity.Did you know that the Jews and the East Indians have a diverse financial system that rotates around the family members? The more friends you invite,the more chances you will have of getting funding.To get funded by friends sign up for an account at Our Own Fund.Go the DISCUSSION BOARD and add a post with your first name and account number at the FUND MEMBER ACCOUNT NUMBERS forum,here people will see your account to fund it and the admin can pick at random account numbers to be featured on the front page,this way you become active in the community instantly.You must mention in your profile that you need funding and include your online account numbers.It is of a great advantage to visit the DISCUSSION BOARD and to place your first name and account number for admin to pick it up at random and for members to randomly fund your accounts at random in smaller money amounts.This means you are in upon signing up.It is not a good idea to mention email addresses of payment systems like pay pal or skrill.To succeed in this wealth community you need one or all of these accounts,namely Webmoney,Payeer,Bitcoin and Perfect Money.The advantage of Payeer is that you can easily put money in that account using your credit card and then transfer money to other payeer accounts.The transparent thing about out wealth community is that when you invite friends that you already know,it is a guarantee that you and those friends will fund one another.The sky is the limit,the new people that you invite will also make up a part of your larger family or friend base.We encourage new people to fund those who need funding.In your profile you do not have to mention how much you need or why you need the money for.This is all up to you.The concept here is not to borrow and then to pay back,the idea is to fund those in need so that when you are also in need of money your family will also fund you.You do not have to be in need of funding to become a part of our community.You might be a charitable,sympathetic individual or organisation.How much do i fund a random account? You fund what you can afford when you can.Do not blow off your pension or college fund.Here you can also exchange your e-currencies,start a website or promote your websites at the discussion board section.PLEASE NOTE PAYEER,BITCOIN,WEBMONEY,PERFECT MONEY ACCOUNT NUMBERS ARE SAFE TO DISPLAY OR GIVE AWAY.DO NOT GIVE AWAY E-MAIL ADDRESSES OF OKPAY,PAYPAL,SKRILL,ETC.

                                                           FEATURED ACCOUNTS IN NEED OF FUNDING

In this part of Our Own Fund,now and again at random we take five different accounts from five different people in the members section and feature them on the front page.It is encouraged that you fund these accounts because your turn will come to be featured after a random selection.This way many people will be happy.To have your account featured here with no question go to the discussion board and see the HAVE YOUR ACCOUNT FEATURED ON HOME PAGE post for subscription details.Thank You!

FUND THIS Payeer account P15121051
FUND THIS Bitcoin account 1JYPc75VjGiN7a4T2GwjoFLsh7c9qszzXC  

Raymond Mafukidze Founder and CEO

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Payeer account P15244828

Perfect Money account U10586994

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Bitcoin address 1CP1Uwmc9aLtQ5yUrKhfQjiivxxp7UXpZU 

Our site address is http://ourownfund.yooco.org


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