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Our Own Fund is a transparant money website with five levels.At Our Own Fund you can't lose money,just follow the clear cut instructions and become active.Your returns are guaranteed.If you came to this site direct or through a blog,forum or advert that does not have the information of a recruiter you should choose any of the five programs and pay to those accounts that you see on this homepage.After you pay $100,you must then promote that program,if you pay $1500,promote that program.The next thing after payment is to create your own promotion campaign.How do you do this?

1.Register with the OUR OWN FUND website then start a blog or make posts to forums,social networks etc

2.In your blog or posts include your personal name or a team name,unique to you like TEAM CROWN.You do not have to mention team name when sending funds.Automatically,the account number is the team that you are promoting.

3.Encourage people to open a payeer account.

4.Display your own payeer account.

5.State the level etc STATUS LEVEL pay $100,DIAMOND LEVEL pay $1500.This is the level that you are promoting.

6.Include your own referral link that you will get in the invite friends tab and you will be able to track your own team by clicking on the my friends tab.

7.When sending payments or copying account numbers please triple check to see that you have the correct number,avoid a silly costly mistake.

You pay money into your recruiter's account as much as the person you recruit pays money into your account.You do not pay money into any site account and then when you try to withdraw,you are told "pending withdrawal" for two years.Fairness is a virtue.Get instant payments over again to your payeer account.                             

                                                                          OUR OWN FUND STATUS LEVEL

The five levels are for people who are serious about making real money.First of all sign up with our website,Secondly open a payeer.com account and fund that account using master/visa card,e-currencies or bank transfer.From your new payeer account send US$100 to this payeer account number P29190599 This account belongs to TEAM LIGHTHOUSE.You do not have to mention the team name when sending money to the payeer number.You are ready to generate $100 for yourself over again.The next thing for to do is to create your own promotional campaign mentioning in your blog,social network posts your personal name or TEAM NAME.Mention your own payeer account number and your unique referral link that you will get by going to the invite friends tab.If you recruit without paying your recruiter first your account will be erased.Do things that are fair.

                                                                       OUR OWN FUND GOLD LEVEL

Do the same as in the above stage,except the gold level requires you to pay US$500.Send that amount to this payeer account number P38590878 This account name belongs to TEAM GRAND. OUR OWN FUND is not a get rich quick scheme or deceptive program.Pay the $100 or $500 and put a lot of effort in building your own team.Whether you make thousands or millions,this all depends on your efforts.

                                                                      OUR OWN FUND DIAMOND LEVEL

If you a big boy or woman and you want to recruit big people,the Diamond level is just for you.Send US$1500 to this payeer account number P38661061   This account belongs to TEAM ASTRANAUT.If you came to this website direct then pay to account numbers of TEAMS ASTRANAUT,GRAND or LIGHTHOUSE.If you came to this site through an advert you saw of a campaign or advert you saw on a blog,social network etc then pay to that account nmber.

Chancers that recruit without paying their recruiter first will have their accounts removed.The account that you pay to is the account that you first saw when you came accross this website.If you came here direct pay to the account numbers on this homepage,if you came from another source like a forum etc,pay to the payeer account that you saw on that post.This way all our efforts will be open and rewarding.Make good money beginning NOW!!!

                                                                      OUR OWN FUND HIGH LIFE LEVEL

You are a high flyer and you mingle with people like yourself.Convince them to join under you.The amount is $50 000 Pay to payeer account number P38724610 This account belongs to TEAM JUBILEE.

                                                                      OUR OWN FUND TYCOON LEVEL

Here you pay $500 000 to payeer account number P15121051 which belongs to TEAM SUPER ISLAND.This works almost like a million dollar round table.People who are in that bracket or almost there convince each other to fund ecah other's accounts and earn $500 000 over again.Target marketing here is also key when activating your promotion campaigns.



This website address is http://ourownfund.yooco.org



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